Sujata Powermatic Juicer Mixer Grinder Review

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Sujata Dynamix is one of the high-performing mixer grinders available in India. Does their juicer mixer grinder- Sujata Powermatic too follow suit? How does it perform in terms of juicing efficiency, ease of assembly, grinding, noise and other factors? Let us explore in detail.

ProductSujata Powermatic 900 Watt
Juicer Mixer Grinder
Power900 Watts
Jars2 ( 1 litre multipurpose jar and
1.75 litre liquidizing jar)
ProsExcellent grinding efficiency
Superior juicing efficiency
Good built quality
ConsA bit difficult to clean
May leak when juicing fruits with high
water content.

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Multi-purpose and liquidizing jar that comes with Sujata Powermatic

Sujata Powermatic comes with two jars- a 1-litre multipurpose jar and a 1.75-litre liquidizing jar. The multipurpose jar is made of stainless steel, while the larger one is made of polycarbonate.

The lids of both jars are made of plastic and they have an opening through which you can add ingredients. Sujata Dynamix, on the other hand, has polycarbonate lids and only the wet grinding jar has an opening.

The only drawback we found with the jars is that when grinding or blending anything liquid, it sometimes spills from the opening at the top.

Motor Housing

The motor housing of all Sujata mixer grinders is the same. They have a 900-watt motor and using the knob, you can set the speed at three levels. In addition, there is also a whip button at the bottom of the knob using which you can pulse and grind ingredients. The unit also has a power indicator.

It weighs close to 4 Kg. Even though it doesn’t have vacuum suction feet, the housing doesn’t move when grinding or juicing. One thing you find lacking is an overload protection switch, which is a norm in all mixer grinders.

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Juicer Attachment

sujata powermatic juicer mixer grinder review- juicing in powermatic
Juicer attachment

The juicer attachment of Sujata Powermatic is made of ABS plastic. It can be attached to the motor housing with clips. The extraction blade with mesh filter is wide and heavy and the top cover is made of polycarbonate.

You will notice that the pulp collector is quite huge that you can juice 8-10 glasses of juice or even more continuously without having to discard the pulp in between. Sujata’s juicers are generally preferred in restaurants, juice bars and such commercial establishments. Seeing the pulp container and the juicer mixer grinder’s ability to run for 90 minutes at a stretch, we can see why they are preferred over other options.

The only drawback we found is that while assembling, you need to fix the top cover and the pulp container correctly and with care. Even then, while juicing fruits like watermelon and pomegranate, which has high water content, you find a little bit of leakage from the top cover. Also, the spout is not leakproof. So, after juicing, you may have to keep the container below the spout for longer to capture those last few drops.

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Juicing Performance

As mentioned, Sujata Powermatic is a preferred choice in many commercial establishments. This is owing to its superior juicing efficiency. It can extract juice from a variety of fruits and vegetables with incredible ease.

First, we tried juicing apples. The juice yield was among the best. We tried making juice using two apples and we got a little more than a glass of juice. It was incredibly quick too. What we really loved is that the pulp was drier compared to other options. In all other juicer mixer grinders, the leftover pulp had peels with flesh. But, Sujata was able to completely extract the flesh from the peel. You can take a look at the below picture to get a better understanding of what we mean.

sujata powermatic juicer mixer grinder review- apple juice and pulp in sujata powermatic
Apple juice and pulp after extraction from Sujata Powermatic

Next, we tried pomegranate. You need to add them through the feeding chute and close it quickly, or else the seeds may bounce out of the juicer. Here also we were quite impressed with the juice yield. As you can see in the image below, the pulp retained a bit of juice and some of the seeds were crushed too. But this did not affect the taste of the juice. Havells Stilus was the only option that fared better in this aspect.

sujata powermatic juicer mixer grinder review- pomegranate juice and pulp in Powermatic
Pomegranate juice and pulp extracted in Sujata Powermatic

Finally, we tried making carrot and beetroot juice. The pulp was dry. But, with beetroot, there were a few pieces that were not crushed completely. However, the carrots were completely crushed and efficiently juiced.

sujata powermatic juicer mixer grinder review- beetroot juice and pulp in Powermatic
Beetroot juice and pulp extracted in Sujata Powermatic
Carrot juice and pulp extracted using Sujata Powermatic

Overall, the juicing performance of Sujata Powermatic is quite positive. It is quick, efficient and the pulp, though not completely dry, retained less juice than most other options. But the leakage from the top cover is a letdown.

Grinding Performance

The grinding efficiency of Sujata Powermatic is among the best. It is one of the few juicer mixer grinders that has given equal importance to both grinding and juicing efficiency.

Thanks to the 900-watt motor and well-designed jars, you can grind a variety of ingredients in no time. Be it garam masala, turmeric or such spices; chutney or curry masala; dosa batter or milkshakes, you can make them all in Sujata.

Garam masala

Owing to the powerful motor, the consistency of milkshakes and idli batter are super smooth. Often, in other mixer grinders, you find the batter to have a grainy texture or sometimes fruits don’t get blended completely in the milkshakes. But, in Sujata, you don’t find any such problems.

Overall, it ranks the best in terms of grinding performance. But, as mentioned earlier, when grinding anything liquid, sometimes, you find a leak from the top cover on the lid.

Noise Levels

Compared to other juicer mixer grinders, Sujata Powermatic was louder. It made around 94-98 dB noise when juicing and wasn’t quite pleasant. But, when grinding, the noise was a bit lower.

Ease of Cleaning

The juicer attachment of Sujata Powermatic was not the easiest to clean. The shape of the juice chamber and the spout design made it a bit difficult to clean. You get a toothbrush along for cleaning and that is helpful. But as the pulp container is quite deep, cleaning its bottom takes more effort. This is one of the negatives of Sujata Powermatic.

Other Models

If you already have a mixer grinder and need just the juicer, Sujata sells it that way without the jars. They also sell with 2 jars– a multipurpose and liquidizing jar. It is also available with three jars. The additional one is a 400 ml chutney jar, which makes it a complete package for an Indian kitchen.

It is better to buy it as a package and not add the jars separately as the juicer has a different coupler from the juicer mixer grinder.


Sujata Powermatic is an option for those who need a powerful juicer and mixer grinder. You can make juice in no time and also grind a variety of ingredients into a fine consistency. Though a tad expensive compared to the rest of the options, it is definitely worth the money owing to its durable construction and efficiency.

SUJATA Powermatic Plus, Juicer Mixer Grinder

10 thoughts on “Sujata Powermatic Juicer Mixer Grinder Review”

  1. I am using this for more than 25 years. Trouble free. Noice free.Recently I changed the outer casing. Only minus point is cost of the chatney (multy jar) jar is very costly when compared to other mixies.

  2. I am using Sujata mixie for quite a long time. It is sturdy and convenient.
    I need some spares like bowl lid and washer for small jar.
    Owing to pandemic I am restrained to travel to Ernakulam Broadway and buy.
    Can I get these from nearby shops?

    • Sujata spares are available online as well as smaller kitchen shops in the neighborhood. Being from Cochin, I have checked in shops in Palarivatom and found the washer from there… You can also check at Sujata’s official site to know about the dealers in your area.

  3. I have sujata mixer and three jar. I want to purchase Juicer aTachement, whether it is available extra in Jaipur, and it also fixable in mixer

    • You could try contacting Sujata’s customer care mail id/phone provided on their website to know about availability of the juicer attachment. You may probably need to change the coupler if you are having Dynamix model

  4. I also want to add juicer attachment, if we change coupler also then this coupler will be used for both mixer juicer and grinder OR we need to change coupler everytime we want to use juicer attachment.

    • If you have a Dynamix model, you will need to change the coupler of jars and the base so that juicer attachment can be used in it. It is a one-time affair. You can take it to a nearby kitchen appliance shop selling Sujata products or their service centre to do this.

  5. I’m in love with your blog recently as I have been wasting so much time considering which mixer grinder to buy. Your blog proves to be excellent source in directing me to the right purchase. Thanks a ton.

    However, I need a little advice from you if you allow me to? Which would suit me best – Sujata Dynamix or Sujata Powermatic, for dry grinding and occasional juicing and wet grinding?

    • Thanks for your kind words… If juicing is a priority, opt for Powermatic. If not Dynamix would be better for dry and wet grinding. Powermatic’s blending jar could be a bit more difficult to clean, especially after wet grinding batter.


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