8 Best Mixer Grinders In India

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Mixer grinders in India are available in a wide price range and with a variety of functions. After trying out more than 18 different models over a period of year, our top recommendation as the best mixer grinder in India is the Sujata Dynamix. It comes with a 900 watt motor, has a durable built quality and is designed to grind a variety of ingredients into fine consistency with very little effort.

If you are looking for a full-fledged mixer grinder with food processor, then Preethi Zodiac with 750 watt motor is our top recommendation. Its mixer grinder is fairly good and the food processor is better than most other options out there in the market.

If a budget-friendly option is what you have in mind, Butterfly Jet Elite would be what we recommend. It is affordably priced at around Rs.3300 and has fairly good grinding performance and an average built quality. But, it isn’t recommended for heavy-duty grinding on a frequent basis.

Finally, if you are a bachelor looking for a bullet mixer grinder or a homemaker looking for an option to make smoothies, chutneys and grind soft spices, then Cookwell Bullet Mixer Grinder with 600 watts would be a good option to consider. Its performance is excellent that it can even make dosa batter in a medium consistency. In addition, it is a fairly good option for making smoothies with soft ingredients. Depending on your needs, you can opt for variants with 2, 3 or 5 jars.

Now, let us take a look at the options we have tried for this list.

Overview of Mixer Grinders We Tested

ModelPowerNo. of Jars
Preethi Zodiac MG-218750 Watts5
Sujata Dynamix900 Watts3
Philips HL7756750 Watts3
Butterfly Jet Elite750 Watts3/4
Cookwell Bullet600
Bosch TrueMixx Pro1000 Watts4
Hamilton Beach Professional Mixer Grinder1400 Watts3
Prestige Iris Plus750 Watts4

How We Tested?

For the list of best mixer grinders in India, we have tested each and every option for at least a month in a regular Indian kitchen.

To objectively analyze and compare the models, we grind a set of ingredients and compare the results.

For wet grinding efficiency, we grind idli batter and also make dry fruit milkshakes. We then check and see how the consistency varies, whether there are unprocessed chunks etc.

For dry grinding, we grind turmeric and garam masala into powder and sieve them to check how much coarse residue is left over. This helps us understand the strength and the ability of the mixer grinder to powder assorted ingredients.

As noise is a major concern for users, we record the same using a decibel meter at a fixed distance and compare them. We also measure the RPM of the blades using a tachometer as a combination of RPM and power is a good indicator of the grinding performance.

Best Mixer Grinders In India

Preethi Zodiac MG-218 Mixer Grinder Food Processor

preethi zodiac mixer grinder

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Fairly good grinding efficiency
Versatile food processor
Good built quality
Prompt aftersales service
The Blade assembly kit of the juicer
jar is difficult to change.
Doesn’t grind well in small quantities.
The juice yield is not
as good as centrifugal juicers

With 3 regular jars measuring 500ml, 1 litre, 1.5 litres, a juicer jar measuring 1.5 litres and a 2.2 litre food processor jar, Preethi Zodiac is one of the best options for those who need a mixer grinder food processor.

With a 750 watt motor, its grinding performance is top-notch, being able to grind a variety of ingredients into a fine consistency. It grinds garam masala, chutney, idili batter etc effortlessly. You can even grind turmeric occasionally, provided you break it down into 1/2inch chunks. But, we don’t recommend doing it on a frequent basis.

The food processor too works phenomenally. You can chop onion, ginger, garlic and mince chicken and meat; slice onion, carrots, beetroots and more; knead dough; and even juice oranges.

But, the juicer jar is a bit of a letdown. It can juice fruits with high water content like watermelon. But, when juicing apples, pomegranates etc, the yield is too low. The juice froths a lot too. Moreover, cleaning and removing the blade assembly to convert the juicer to a blender is a hassle. So much so that we don’t recommend changing the blade assembly lest you may break the jar.

The noise level of the mixer grinder is moderately high ranging from 90-100 dB.

If you don’t want a juicer jar, you could opt for Preethi MG227, which comes with similar design jars and food processor attachments. An advantage of this model is that it has a small 200 ml dry grinding jar using which you can grind little quantities of spices and ginger-garlic easily.

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Sujata Dynamix 900 Watt Mixer Grinder

sujata dynamix mixer grinder

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Best wet and dry grinding performance
Robust built quality
Excellent durability
Easy to clean
No overload protection switch
The white paint of the aluminum jar lock may flake off after a few years of use.
Aftersales network is limited.

Sujata Dynamix has 3 jars measuring 400 ml, 1 litre and 1.5 litre. It comes with a durable 900 watt motor and can run for up to 90 minutes at a stretch, making it a highly preferred option for small caterers and home chefs.

The grinding performance of the mixer grinder is the best out of all the options we tried. Whether it is tough ingredients like turmeric, day-to-day grinding of idili batter or making masala pastes, the mixer grinder does an excellent job with it all.

This can be mainly attributed to the well-designed blades and jars. Even cleaning is hassle-free.

In addition to grinding, you get a chopping blade and whisking blade with the mixer grinder. Using the whisking blade, you can whip eggs to soft peak consistency.

The noise level is moderate at around 90 dB. Compared to other options, we found it to be the less annoying.

The main drawbacks of the unit are that it doesn’t have an overload protection switch. Also, the white paint on the aluminum jar lock may peel off after a few years of use.

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Philips HL7756 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

philips hl7756

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The Chutney jar grinds small quantities into a fine paste.
Fairly good wet grinding efficiency.
Budget-friendly price
Fairly easy to clean
Not the best option for grinding hard spices.
May vibrate when grinding a full load in the wet grinding jar.
The rivets of the blade have a tendency to rust.

With a 750 watt motor and 3 jars measuring 300 ml, 1 litre and 1.5 litres, Philips HL7756 is a mid-segment mixer grinder that is worth considering.

Here again, the grinding performance is satisfactory. Using the small jar, you can make chutney, ginger-garlic paste, masala etc with ease. You can even occasionally grind garam masala without much hassle. But, turmeric would be a no-no as it may take a toll on the blade and motor.

Using the large jars, you can grind idli-dosa batter, make smoothies with ease.

A few users complain about the built quality. And it is true, the jars are a bit thin compared to the higher-end options. Also, if you do not dry the jars after every use, the rivet and the area under the blade may rust after a while.

Talking about durability, some users say that plastic lids tend to expand a bit within a few years of use. At that point, the content inside tends to spill out when grinding.

Overall, if you are looking for a fairly high-performing mixer grinder that lasts for about 4-5 years, then Philips HL7756 would be a good option. But, if you need something to last more than that, then Sujata Dynamix would be a better option to consider.

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Butterfly Jet Elite 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

buuterfly jet elite

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Excellent grinding performance
Budget-friendly pricing
Compact footprint
Stainless steel jars are thin
Needs to be handled carefully, or else durability may get affected.

Among the budget-friendlier options, we found Butterfly Jet Elite with 750 watt motor to be the best. And yes, to answer the frequent questions of our readers, we found it better than Prestige Iris.

It comes with 4 jars. They measure 400 ml, 1 litre, and 2x 1.5 litres. The mixer grinders perform very well grinding a variety of ingredients from garam masala to chutney, idli-dosa batter and smoothies with ease. Just like the former option, we don’t recommend grinding turmeric in it.

However, a drawback is that its chutney jar blade has a small gap from the base. So, when you grind small quantities of ginger and garlic, they get stuck in this gap and won’t get ground properly. Just like every other juicer jar that comes with mixer grinders, the juice yield is poor.

The noise level is moderate at around 82-87 dB. The mixer grinder also has basic safety features like a shock-proof body, suction feet and an overload protection switch.

A few users do complain about the durability of the mixer grinder. As we have used it for just 2-3 months, we cannot offer a first-hand comment on it. However, considering the budget-friendly pricing, it is definitely one of the best options in the range.

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Cookwell 600 Watt Bullet Mixer Grinder

cookwell bullet

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Cookwell Bullet Mixer Grinder is one of the best-selling options in India. It comes in 3 variants- with 2 jars and 1 blade; 3 jars and 2 blades and 5 jars and 3 blades. The motor consumes 600 watts power.

The jars are all made of polycarbonate and their capacities are 300 ml and 500 ml. Owing to the small size, it can’t be used as a full-fledged mixer grinder.

You can use it for making chutney, grinding masala and even powdering soft spices like jeera and garam masala. But, it isn’t great for heavy duty grinding like turmeric. Contrary to our expectation, what impressed us was that it was able to grind dosa batter in a loose consistency. Wonderchef Nutriblend on the other hand struggled with it.

Something we did not like about Cookwell is that the jars have a smell of varnish which tends to linger. You need to thoroughly wash it several times to get rid of that initial smell.

Overall, if you are a bachelor looking for a smaller mixer grinder or a family looking for a small option for grinding spices and making chutneys, then Cookwell Bullet would be an ideal option to consider.

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Bosch TrueMixx Pro

bosch truemixx pro mixer grinder

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Fairly good grinding efficiency
Hands-free operations as it comes with lid locks.
Above-average dry grinding performance.
Leak-proof jars.
Not that easy to clean
Very noisy

Bosch TrueMixx Pro is one of the best-sellers in the higher-end segment. It comes with 4 jars measuring 500 ml, 1 litre and 2 x 1.5 litres. The motor consumes 1000 watts power. One of the main advantages here is that all jars have locks, which makes it hands-free to run.

The grinding performance of the mixer grinder is fairly good. You can grind a variety of ingredients like turmeric, garam masala, chutney, idili batter etc. When it comes to the consistency, we find it to be a bit coarse compared to what we find in Sujata Dynamix. As there is a gap between the blade and the base of the small chutney jar, sometimes ingredients get stuck without getting ground.

Similarly, the flow breaker in the wet grinding jar is a bit of a hindrance rather than a positive. Rice and urad gets stuck in it making cleaning a hassle. Even the jars and the lids of Bosch are a bit of a hassle to clean.

The juice yield from the juicer jar is low, just like what you see in any other models.

The noise level is unusually high. It touches close to 100 dB. It was the noisiest among the options we tested.

The mixer grinder comes with a 2-year warranty and a 5-year warranty on the motor. During this period, Bosch offers at-home service and free replacement of spares and jars as necessary.

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Prestige Iris Plus 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

prestige iris plus mixer grinder

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Budget-friendly pricing
Apt for basic grinding chores for a nuclear family.
Compact footprint
Below-average juice yield
Not ideal for making smoothies and shakes

The Prestige Iris Plus with 750 watt motor has 4 jars measuring 300 ml, 1 litre, 1.5 litre and the juicer jar too that has 1.5 litre capacity.

Being a budget-friendly option, you can expect it to take care of just basic grinding chores. We were able to make idli batter, coconut chutney, masala, ginger garlic paste etc, in a fine consistency. However, compared to expensive options like Sujata and Preethi, you have to run this mixer grinder for longer duration.

The mixer grinder is not an apt choice for dry grinding spices like garam masala as a lot of coarse bits and pieces get left over after grinding and sieving. Similarly, the juice yield is also poor. We juiced 220 gm of orange to get just 90 gm of juice. Squeezing the pulp, we got another 30 gm of juice. As you can see, it isn’t something worth it.

Overall, if you are looking for a basic mixer grinder, Prestige Iris Plus would be an apt choice. However, you need to treat it gently and absolutely avoid overloading and running for more than 2-3 minutes at a stretch to ensure its durability.

The mixer grinder makes around 89-92 dB of noise, making it a moderately loud option on the list.

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Hamilton Beach Professional Mixer Grinder

hamilton beach mixer grinder

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Hands-free operations
Pre-set grinding functions make it easy to use.
Extremely safe and of excellent built quality.
Dishwasher safe jars
Extremely noisy.
Not the best option for grinding smaller quantities of ingredients.

Hamilton Beach Professional Mixer Grinder is the only option on the list with pre-set functions that helps with hands-free operations.

All three jars are made of stainless steel with Tritan lids which have locks. Unless the lids are locked correctly to the jar and the jars locked to the motor housing, the mixer grinder won’t start functioning. The pre-set functions allow you to grind various ingredients to desired consistency in a pre-set time. You can just set it and leave it and the mixer grinder will stop after the preset time.

The mixer grinder has a 1400 watt motor and the jars have 500ml, 1 litre and 1.5 litre capacity.

The performance is also quite good. You can grind various tough and soft ingredients with ease. We have tried grinding spices like turmeric and garam masala and also rice. Though there was some coarse residue after grinding, the overall grinding performance was pretty good. Note however that all ingredients have to be chopped to about an inch size. Else, it may overload the mixer grinder.

Even when grinding batter, chutney etc, the grinding performance is top-notch. They all get ground to a fine consistency in the preset time. The jars do get hot while grinding. But, it is normal as heat is generated due to the friction of rotating blades.

The main drawbacks are the unusually high noise. It is in fact the noisiest among all the options we tested so far.

Even so, if you value its hands-free operations, easy cleaning and excellent built quality, you will really love this option. Also, while most options provide 5-year warranty on just the motor, Hamilton Beach provides it on the entire unit.

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How To Choose A Mixer Grinder?


Power is perhaps the first and foremost aspect that users look at when buying a mixer grinder. And yes, it definitely throws light on the grinding efficiency.

In India, mixer grinders meant for domestic kitchens are available predominantly with 500, 750 and 1000-watt power. Of course, some options are even available with 1200-1500 watt motors. But, they aren’t that common.

Out of these, 750 watts is the most common. Roughly it comes to 1 HP (horsepower). A 750-watt mixer grinder is considered ideal for most kitchens, as it is sufficient for making dosa batter, chutney, fried coconut paste, ginger-garlic paste etc. You can also occasionally grind tough spices like turmeric. Also, being a highly competitive segment, you get a plethora of options with a 750-watt motor.

A 500-550 watt motor is sufficient for making chutney, smoothies and pastes of onion, ginger, garlic etc. Though it takes time, you can even grind dosa batter occasionally. But, the batter may get heated up. Also, if you do it on a weekly basis, the blades and coupler could get loose, thus adversely affecting its durability. Also, most mixer grinders with 500-watt motors come at a cheap price tag. Such mixer grinders are made compromising on overall built quality. So, they don’t tend to last.

Mixer grinders with 900-1000 watt motors are highly efficient. They can take care of all the chores that a 750-watt mixer grinder does- but a lot quicker and in a finer consistency. Options like Sujata Dynamix and Bosch Truemixx that are priced above Rs. 5000 also come with a better-built quality and hence have higher durability.

Jar Design

The majority of mixer grinders available in the market come with 3 jars. The smallest is a chutney jar, which can also be used for grinding small quantities of spices. Then, you have a multi-purpose jar that can be used for making different curry pastes made of onion, coconut etc. The largest wet grinding jar is mainly used for making batter for idli, dosa and appam. They can also be used for making milkshakes and smoothies.

A lot of models come with a juicer jar. It has a cylindrical strainer at the centre into which you drop the fruit pieces. The blades crush the fruits and the juice passes through the sieve and gets collected between the strainer and the outer body. Juice from fruits like watermelon, cucumber etc with higher water content can be extracted well using this juicer jar. But, with starchy fruits like mango and vegetables like beetroot, carrot and spinach, the juice yield is poor.

Nowadays, you also get mixer grinders with food processor jars. Using it, you can knead the dough, cut vegetables in different sizes and slice and chop them too. Some of them also have citrus attachments.


Mixer grinders come with an RPM of around 17-23K without load. Even a 550-watt mixer grinder can have RPM as high as 20K. But, when the jar is loaded with ingredients, it won’t be able to power through the ingredients and overcome the resistance. Mixer grinders with higher power will be able to sustain a high RPM even when it is fully loaded with ingredients. Options like Vidiem and Philips with 750-watt motors have an RPM of around 11-13K with the load.

So rather than considering RPM as a standalone parameter, consider it in conjunction with the motor capacity to have a better understanding of its grinding efficiency. The shape of the jar and blades too play an important role in improving the grinding efficiency of a mixer grinder.

Blade Design

Blades have an immense effect on the grinding efficiency of a mixer grinder.

Most of the jars have two-prong blades. The chutney jars are straight, while the wet grinding and multi-purpose jars have a curved moustache-like shape that helps create a good vortex.

The blades in the chutney jar should be close to the bottom surface so that all ingredients get thoroughly ground. If there is a gap between the blade and the bottom, ingredients could get stuck in there without it getting ground properly.

Juicer jars usually have 4 or 6 prong blades that grind fruits thoroughly. Some options like Preethi Zodiac and Sujata Multimix have extraction blades that are circular in shape. They have better extraction efficiency compared to blending blades.

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Jar Shape

Just like blades, the shape of the jar too plays an important role in enhancing the grinding efficiency of a mixer grinder.

Chutney jars should be narrow and deep so that the ingredients are pulled toward the blade. Semi-wet ingredients once blended get pushed toward the sides.

The multipurpose jar, wet grinding jar and blending jars should have a wide mouth and should taper down to a narrow base. This cone-like shape creates a good vortex with the blades at the centre. If the jars are squarish or cylindrical in shape, they won’t form a strong vortex. So, food tends to splash around. This may not be much of a problem when you grind to a coarse consistency. But if you are blending various ingredients for making a smoothie in fine consistency, other factors being the same, the jar with a conical shape will perform better.

Safety Features

A good mixer grinder should have a shock-proof ABS body, and a thick power cord with a 3-pin plug. They should also have safety features like vacuum suction feet which ensure the mixer grinder doesn’t move even with heavy-duty grinding. It should also have an overload protection switch that protects the motor when blades can’t move due to ingredients getting stuck under them.

Some brands like Panasonic and Hamilton Beach also have a double protection mechanism. So the mixer grinder won’t start running unless the lid gets locked to the jar and the jar gets locked to the base correctly.

Noise Levels

A mixer grinder is one of the noisiest appliances in a kitchen. It makes 80-100dB of noise. Even Philips Silent Mixer Grinder makes noise in this range.

In our tests, we found Prestige Deluxe and Sujata Dynamix have the most tolerable noise. Hamilton Beach and Bosch Truemixx are the noisiest.

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Ease of Operations

Most mixer grinder jars can be closed to a tight seal. But, manufacturers recommend keeping your hand on top of the lid to prevent any untoward accidents. There are many models from brands like Bosch, Panasonic, and Hamilton Beach that offer hands-free operation as they have lid locks. Wet grinding jars from Bajaj and Sujata Dynamix also have lid locks which are immensely helpful.


Mixer grinders are available starting from Rs. 1500 up to Rs. 25000/-

Cheaper ones lack durability. They may break down within 1 or 2 years of use. Ideally, you should opt for a 750-watt mixer grinder priced around Rs. 4-6K. They have fairly good durability and better performance too. If you want to have a food processor jar, be ready to spend around Rs. 8-10K.

Best Brands

Each brand has its own advantages and disadvantages. We talk briefly about them below-

Sujata definitely offers the most durable and powerful mixer grinder. But they don’t have a wide network of aftersales service centres. You have to contact them by mail and take the product to the service centre which may be far away from your place. But the positive is that Sujata doesn’t develop many problems while using. Also, local shops are usually adept at repairing them.

Preethi is synonymous with mixer grinders. Their products are pretty good and you will be able to use them for 5-8 years without any hassle. The built quality of most of their products is good too. They have a wider aftersales network in South India, but a limited presence in the North. So, if you live in North India, you probably have to consider taking an On-site warranty in order to get it serviced hassle-free.

Philips is yet another top-selling brand in the mixer grinder market. Not many know that Philips own Preethi. For this reason, you find that the chutney jars, blades and even the food processor jar of Preethi and Philips have a lot of similarities. They comparatively have a better aftersales service network across the country. Their products are fairly durable too.

Bosch is a comparatively new entrant in the market. While the former brands we talked about have been in the market for decades, Bosch entered the kitchen appliance space a few years back. Their products have good built quality, and is appealing and sophisticated. But when it comes to the actual grinding performance and noise, it is not the best out there. Their aftersales service, however, is quite good. They even reach home for aftersales service, making it absolutely hassle-free.

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