Usha 3345 Juicer Mixer Grinder Review

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Usha 3345 is one of the cheapest juicer mixer grinders available in the market. It is a compact unit with 450 watt motor and comes with two jars- a 750 ml multipurpose jar and a 1.5-litre blending jar.

In this review, we talk about its grinding and juicing performance, built quality, noise levels and other aspects to help you make an informed buying decision.

ProductUsha 3345 Juicer Mixer Grinder
Power450 Watts
No. of jars2 ( 750 ml multipurpose jar and
1.5 litre blending jar)
Max. RPM19000 RPM
ProsBudget friendly pricing
Juicing efficiency is fairly good
Fairly easy to clean
ConsGrinding efficiency is poor.
Juice splashes despite having a spout guard.
Average built quality
Purchase LinkAmazon


As mentioned, Usha 3345 comes with 2 jars. The multipurpose jar has a 750 ml capacity, while the blender has a 1.5-litre capacity. The blending jar has measurement markings. 

Both the jars are made of stainless steel and have plastic lids. The lids don’t have a gasket. Rather, the whole lid is kind of flexible in nature. The lid fits just snuggly now. But these types of lids usually become loose after 1-2 year of usage. The lids have an opening on the top through which you can add ingredients while grinding.

Overall, the built quality is just about average. 

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Motor Housing

Blending in Usha 3345

The mixer grinder has a wide motor housing. While most options have a rotary knob to control the speed, in Usha 3345, there are buttons for speed control. The power button also has a pulse function when pressed continuously.

The motor has just 450 watts of power. Comparatively, it is the lowest among the other options we have tested. As with all other options, there is an overload protection switch at the bottom. 

After removing the juicing attachment, you can use the base for grinding and blending.

The unit is comparatively light and doesn’t have vacuum suction feet.

Juicer Attachment

The juicer attachment of Usha 3345 is quite basic. Unlike Philips Amaze 7576, it doesn’t have a seperate pulp collector. Rather, it is a part of the juicer chamber. So, if the pulp collector gets full during juicing, you may have to switch it off, discard the pulp and then start again.

Just like other juicer mixer grinders, it has an extraction blade with mesh filter. The cover is made of polycarbonate with a feeding chute. Also, you have a plastic fruit pusher. The spout has a cover that acts as a splash guard.

Juicing Performance

The juicing performance of Usha 3345 is almost at par with Philips Amaze HL7576. We tried juicing various fruits and vegetabes and here is what we found.

First, we tried making apple juice using two large apples. We did not discard the peel, but removed the core. We were able to make a glass of juice in about 90 seconds. The juice had a thick layer of froth on the top. This is something expected from centrigfugal juicers. When we checked the pulp, it wasn’t completely dry. Also, a few chunks of peels were not crushed.

usha 3345 juicer mixer grinder review- apple juice
Apple juice made in Usha 3345. On right is the leftover pulp after extraction.

It was able to make carrot juice pretty well. The leftover pulp was fairly dry. There were not many uncrushed pieces either. But this was not the case with beetroot, which is a bit harder in nature. Just like apple peels, there were some pieces of beetroot that were not crushed.

usha 3345 juicer mixer grinder review- carrot juice
Carrot juice extracted from Usha 3345 and on the right is the pulp after extraction.
usha 3345 juicer mixer grinder review- beetroot juice
Beetroot juice extracted using Usha 3345 and on the right is the pulp leftover after extraction.

Finally, we tried making pomegranate juice. Comparatively, Usha 3345 did a better job. Though there were a few whole pomegranate seeds in the pulp collector, overall, the pulp was drier than what we saw in Philips Amaze. This is probably because the lower power of 450 watts means lesser chance of juice and seeds bouncing off the extraction blade.

usha 3345 juicer mixer grinder review- pomegranate juice
Pomegranate juice extracted using Usha 3345. On the right – Seeds fter extraction.

We also found that when 3-4 pieces of fruits were loaded one after the other or when a larger piece of fruit touched the extraction blade, the unit as a whole would startle and jump a bit. This is owing to the low power and also because the unit is quite light.

Also, sometimes, fruit pieces and pomegranate seeds would get thrown out of the feeding chute. The spout guard did not do a great job either as sometimes juice from the spout would splash on the body.

Despite the few flaws, we would rate the juicing performance as fairly good. And considering its competitive pricing, the juicer is worth it.

Grinding Performance

A good mixer grinder needs to have at least 750 watts of power. Lesser than that would mean a longer time for grinding and the grinding consistency wouldn’t be that smooth either. This is precisely what is wrong with Usha 3345 which has just a 450-watt motor.

The grinding efficiency is quite poor. First, we tried making a milkshake with apples and bananas. Even though we ran the blending jar for 90 seconds, it wasn’t able to blend the banana and apple. Rather, the fruits were coarsely chopped.

usha 3345 juicer mixer grinder review- chutney ground
Chutney was not ground to a smooth consistency

Hoping the multipurpose jar would do a better job, we tried making chutney. Here too, we were disappointed. Though we ran the mixer grinder for about 2 minutes, the coconut, ginger and chilly were not ground sufficiently.

usha 3345 juicer mixer grinder review- buttermilk paste grounded
Buttermilk paste ground in Usha 3345

However, it did make a paste of coconut, curd and other ingredients for buttermilk curry into a fine consistency. But, that required a lot more time than what you would typically take in a 750-watt mixer grinder.

Seeing this, we did not try anything else like batter or garam masala as we were sure it wouldn’t be able to handle them.

Overall, the grinding efficiency of the Usha 3345 juicer mixer grinder is not quite up to the mark owing to its low power.

Noise Level

Given the low power, it is natural that most people expect the juicer mixer grinder to make less noise. But that wasn’t quite the case. Depending on the speed level, it made anywhere between 92-100 dB noise. Comparatively, Philips Amaze makes lesser noise.

Ease of Cleaning

The mixer grinder jars are fairly easy to clean. Even the juicer chamber doesn’t pose as much of a hassle for cleaning. But, as expected, cleaning the mesh filter is a chore by itself. Along with the unit, Usha gives a brush that looks like a typical dye brush, but is shorter and with firm bristles. This brush is for cleaning the mesh filter. But it doesn’t really do a great job. It is much easier to clean using an old toothbrush.

As there are a lot of parts, grooves and curves, you have to be meticulous while cleaning the juice chamber, cover and blade. Overall, there isn’t really anything different about it that makes cleaning particularly difficult.


Given the budget-friendly pricing, Usha 3345 is a good option as a juicer. It does a fairly neat job of extracting juice from a variety of ingredients. However, when it comes to grinding, the unit isn’t really the best. Also, the overall built quality isn’t really great. But that is expected given the low price.

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