Manual Vs Electric Chopper: What To Know?

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Manual choppers are one of the top-selling kitchen tools on e-commerce sites. Not lagging behind are their electric counterparts. With each having their own pros and cons, let us explore how they differ in terms of ease of use, chopping consistency, price, durability and other aspects.

Ease of Use

manual vs electric chopper

Manual choppers, without a doubt saves time compared to chopping on a cutting board. But, they are not as easy to use as electric choppers. First of all, you need to chop vegetables and meat into smaller chunks when feeding into a manual chopper. Moreover, it is a struggle pulling the cord repeatedly to rotate the blades and chop the ingredients.

Electric choppers on the other hand can even tackle larger chunks of ingredients. All you have to do is press the large button at the top and the motor starts spinning to chop any ingredient finely.

Winner- Electric choppers

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Manual choppers require a lot more effort as you have to pull the cord. This makes it challenging to use when you need to chop a large quantity of ingredients. This makes it less suitable for those with physical limitations and sometimes even for the elderly folks.

Chopping Results

A manual chopper can chop ginger, garlic, onion, carrot and beetroot and mince chicken. But comparatively, they are not as finely chopped as what an electric chopper would do. Also, you tend to struggle chopping nuts into fine bits. Here are the comparison of what to expect between manual and electric choppers.

chopping nuts with manual and electric chopper
chopping onion with manual and electric chopper
carrot manual vs electric chopper
beetroot manual vs electric chopper
manual vs electric chopper chicken mincing

Winner- Electric Choppers


Electric choppers have better built quality compared to manual ones. The cord of manual choppers are prone to breakage with time, especially when chopping tougher ingredients.

Winner- Electric chopper

Noise Levels

Electric choppers are comparatively more noisy making around 90dB of noise. Manual choppers on the other hand do not have any motors running and as a result, they make very low noise.


In terms of safety, both electric and manual choppers needs to be handled with proper care. Most electric choppers come with a blade guard, which manual choppers lack. Otherwise, in terms of handling and usage, both manual and electric choppers are more or less the same.


Manual choppers are way more inexpensive starting at just Rs. 199 for a 400ml chopper. Electric choppers on the other hand are often priced higher than Rs.1000/- A few options come a bit cheaper at around Rs.600+ However, they are USB charged and run for just a limited time. Moreover, they have just around 250 ml capacity.

Winner- Manual Choppers

Overall, electric choppers tick most boxes. But, it does come at a price. So, if you are someone who uses choppers on a daily basis, then, electric choppers may be the one for you. But for occasional users who don’t want to splurge much, manual choppers are the way to go!

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