How To Whip Cream In Mixer Grinder?

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Generally, you use either a hand mixer or a stand mixer to whip cream. But not many people know that you can whip cream in a mixer grinder as well. Honestly, I thought it would be a really difficult task to whip cream in a mixer grinder. But apparently, that was not the case. Here, we give step-by-step instructions on how to go about so that you can whip cream perfectly in your mixer grinder. But, first, let us try to understand a little bit of the science behind whipping.

What Happens When You Whip Cream?

According to Science Focus, when you whip cream, the air gets incorporated into it. Simultaneously, droplets of fat break down and it arranges around the air bubbles. As a result, the cream increases in volume and becomes stiff. Generally, it takes about 6-7 minutes to whip cream into soft peaks and about 8-10 minutes to whip it into stiff peaks. If you continue to whip further, the fat will clump together and separate to form butter. This occurs irrespective of the device you use for whipping the cream.

So, let us explore how to whip cream in a mixer grinder.

How To Whip Cream In A Mixer Grinder?

Time needed: 1 hour and 10 minutes

We recommend using at least a 750 watt mixer grinder in somewhat good condition to whip cream. If the wattage is lower or if the mixer grinder is old, whip only small quantity at a time. Preferably, fill it to just 1/3rd jar’s capacity.

  1. Cool The Equipment

    Fat solidifies when it is cold. When you run mixer grinder jars for a long duration, it becomes warm. This is not an ideal condition for whipping cream. So, keep the mixer grinder jar and the whipping cream in the freezer for about an hour so that it is sufficiently cold.

  2. Transfer Cream To The Jar

    If the cream is frozen, blending it might take a toll on your mixer grinder, triggering the overload protection switch. So, transfer the cream to the jar and wait for 10 minutes so that it melts down.
    If your mixer grinder is in a good condition, fill the jar only to half its capacity so that your mixer grinder does not get to whip cream in mixer grinder

  3. Run The Mixer Grinder

    To start whipping, run the mixer grinder at the first speed. You may have to run it for 5-10 minutes to whip the cream to a stiff consistency. But, running this long continuously may take a toll on your mixer grinder, especially if it is old. So, run it for 1-2 minutes, give it a break for 30 seconds, and continue this way for a while. You will notice that first, the cream becomes a bit watery and then you find small droplets of air in it. After this stage, within about 2-3 minutes, the cream will turn into stiff peaks. You will notice a distinct difference in the mixer grinder noise when the cream starts becoming stiff. So, give heed to it.
    how to whip cream in mixer grinder

  4. Transfer the Cream

    Once whipped, transfer the cream into a piping bag or a bowl and keep it in the refrigerator till you use to whip cream in mixer grinder

Which Type of Cream Can Be Used For Whipping?

If you are opting for dairy-based whipping cream, it should have at least 35% fat so that it whips to a stiff consistency. This is why fresh cream from Amul fails to whip to stiff peaks. It has just 25% fat. So, the only way to whip it to a stiff consistency is by adding stabilizers like gelatin, cornstarch, milk powder, agar-agar or powdered sugar.

Dairy-free whipping creams with even 20% fat whip into stiff peaks in no time. This is because it contains emulsifiers as a primary ingredient. It helps arrange the fat and water to create the desired stiff consistency.

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