LG vs Samsung Refrigerators Comparison

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LG and Samsung are market leaders in the domestic refrigerator market. LG has 26% market share, while Samsung has 19%. Though both are Korean companies, they manufacture in India products that cater to the Indian taste and needs.

In order to increase its market share, Samsung has been pushing out a lot more products and introducing more innovations in their products, compared to LG. For example, Samsung has recently introduced single door refrigerators with digital touch panel that can change mode and defrost at the touch of a button. On the other hand, LG is the one who introduced dry storage space with base stand drawer for keeping onions, potatoes and other vegetables. It was then followed by most manufacturers.

Let us explore in detail the key differences between the two brands. It may be difficult to give a definite verdict that one is better than the other. But the key differences may help you choose the one apt for your needs.


LG vs samsung refrigerator

Both LG and Samsung sells refrigerators that look sophisticated and elegant. The freezer to fridge ratio of these models are almost the same. There is just slight variation from model-to-model.

Both LG and Samsung single-door refrigerators have base stand drawers. In addition, the newer models of Samsung single-door refrigerators have digital display on the door which can be used to change the mode, defrost and for power cooling.

Even in the convertible refrigerators, Samsung has digital control panel on the door, whereas in LG, the controls are at the rear end behind the shelves. Comparatively, LG refrigerator is a bit more difficult to access, especially when the refrigerator is full.

Compressor Technology

Digital Inverter Compressor

Samsung uses Digital Inverter Compressors in their refrigerators. It has sensors that track 9 variables like internal temperature, external temperature, door opening, temperature of food kept etc. to adjust the compressor speed for optimal performance. The compressor runs at 7 speeds varying from 1100 to 4300 RPM.

Smart Inverter Compressor

LG has smart inverter compressor in their mid-segment refrigerators. It is essentially like a regular inverter compressor running in 5 different speeds ranging from 1200 to 4500 RPM.

Their higher-end models have Inverter Linear Compressor( ILC). In this technology, a piston containing a permanent magnet is suspended between two electromagnets to move linearly and compress the refrigerant. LG claims better cooling, energy savings and noise in their Inverter Linear Compressor refrigerators. That being said, a class suit was filed against LG for compressor failures in refrigerators with ILC. This happened around 2017 and LG has rectified the cause of failure in their subsequent production.

Fresh Food Storage

LG sells refrigerators with Moist N Fresh crispers. Here, the crisper lid have lattice shaped embossing on it. Excess moisture from the fresh fruits and vegetables get evaporates and gets condensed on the lattice. And when the humidity decreases, the moisture is reintroduced into the crisper. Thus, it keeps food fresher for longer. Samsung refrigerator’s crispers do not have any such features.

But, in Samsung’s 5-in-1 convertible refrigerators, dual evaporators are used so that air circulated in fridge is separate from what is circulated in the freezer. Thus, air in the fridge compartment has 70% higher humidity, which is helpful in keeping fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.


Lg vs samsung refrigerator

Both LG and Samsung sell convertible refrigerators. This is one area where Samsung has a definite advantage over LG.

Samsung sells 5-in-1 convertible refrigerators in which fridge and freezer can be set on stand-by as per your need. Moreover, freezer can be converted to fridge too. Samsung sells convertible refrigerators in both double-door and side-by-side formats.

LG on the other hand, has convertible refrigerators in which freezer can be turned to fridge. You cannot put the fridge or freezer individually on stand-by. Their side-by-side refrigerators are not convertible either.

Cooling System

Both LG and Samsung has robust and efficient cooling systems in place. LG comes with door cooling and multi-flow cooling system. Here, cooling vents are placed on the door and at the rear end for efficient circulation.

Samsung too has an efficient cooling system. In their convertible refrigerators, they have twin-cooling system, which circulated 70% more humid air in the fridge.

In addition, their refrigerators with digital display have power-cool and freeze buttons for quickly cooling down drinks and making ice cubes. This can be seen even in their single door refrigerator. However, express freeze, which is a similar function is found only in side-by-side and higher-end refrigerators of LG.

Inverter Connection

Power cuts are still common in many parts of India. This makes it important to have a refrigerator that works on inverters. Thankfully, both Samsung and LG refrigerators can work on inverter. LG has gone a step further and some of their refrigerators can work on solar energy.

Stabilizer Free Operations

As voltage fluctuations are common in India, stabilizers are common in most households. But, nowadays, all refrigerators claim to be able to run without an external stabilizers as they have one built-in. However, you need to check the voltage range in which they can work, as it is an important consideration that affects its performance.

In lab conditions, LG claims its refrigerators can withstand fluctuations from 100-310V. Samsung’s stabilizer-free operations have a range of 100-300V, which is a tad lower than LG. But, the difference is not so significant to affect your purchase decision.


As price varies from model-to-model and depending on various factors like features, capacity etc., it is difficult to make a perfect comparison between the two. However, in most cases, we find that the prices of single door and double door refrigerators are at par.

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