Discover Desi Style Of Interior Decoration With Sangitha Aanand

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A thing of beauty is a joy forever- John Keats

Design, decor and art has been a passion for Sangitha Aanand since her childhood. Spreading joy through interior decoration started when she got her own first room during her teens and slowly spread to other venues of life.

Through Sajavat, her interior decoration blog, she inspires many with her creations. She talks about various art forms, decor ideas and does several inspiring home tours. It is no wonder that the 10-year-old blog Sajavat has been recognised as one of the top 9 interior decor blogs by Blogadda.

In this interview, Sangitha talks about her passion for blogging, interior designing and much more!

Tell us something about yourself and blog

Our life is a journey and the path we take, tells a lot about our interests and personality.

Am Sangitha Aanand residing in Bangalore with my lovely family. As, I discover myself, I realize that art, cooking, design & décor, festivals & traditions, spirituality, travel and yoga all have a very significant role in my life and makes me what I am today!

Guess, decorating and styling spaces started as a necessity in my teens and later years, as I had a room to maintain for myself and this slowly converted into a passion, as I moved into my own house after marriage. I found immense joy and satisfaction in converting my house to home.

And then the blog came along… Sajavat is a design, décor and art blog conceptualized in 2008.Initially it was just nook and corners of my home, that I would post on the blog or an artwork that I had done in my spare time. Slowly and steadily, the blog gained momentum and then I also got opportunity to collaborate and work for some of the major design and décor players in the market. This story still continues…

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What inspired you to become a blogger

In 2008, the world of blogging was but a very new concept. Just the very thought, that I could pen and document my musings on the World Wide Web sounded very fascinating and that was inspiration enough to start the blog.

What has been the most interesting home project that you have so far undertaken?

The first baby is always a dear one! May be not a project but a small tree mural that I painted on my balcony wall is the dearest to me. It depicts a mother and her daughter having a relaxed time on a swing tied to a tree.

How do you define your interior designing style?

I dwell somewhere between maximum and minimalistic style of decor. Not very fond of extremities of any kind. Indian traditional design mixed with modern comfortable living is what I would prefer any day. I tend to gravitate towards very desi colours like yellow, deep red and orange. Again, implementing the local art and craft in the décor scheme is a must for me.

Which are the other home decor blogs or interior designers who inspire you?

Rang décor by Archana Srinivas has been my all-time favourite. There are also many new bloggers who constantly inspire me with their ingenuity.

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Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Blogging will always be close to my heart and shall continue but of late I get a feeling that I should expand and also put my efforts to making the virtual into a reality. Have no idea, how it’s going to work out but then for now, let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Do you have any message for others who are interested to pursue a career as a blogger?

Just like any other field blogging too requires discipline, passion and commitment or one can say a little more of these, than the usual!

You might not see moolah at the end of every month but yes the satisfaction and pleasure you derive when your readers appreciate your post is very gratifying.

Blog from your heart, write posts that matter to you and in the long run you shall establish connect with your audience.

You can follow Sangitha Anand’s blog Sajavat here.

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