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Food bloggers in India are breaking the misconception that “vegetarian food is boring” one recipe at a time. Leading the bandwagon among others is Priya Joshi with Priya’s Curry Nation. What we loved about this blog is that not only does it have detailed mouthwatering recipes, but you can also find instructions on basic how to-dos like making homemade chat masala, garam masala, whipped cream, instant condensed milk and so on- something that is immensely useful for newbies.

Priya’s Curry Nation has received a number of accolades and recognition from the blogging community in India. It is considered one of the top 20 vegetarian food blogs in India. An active social media community is also there around the blog.

In this interview, Priya tells us about her blogging journey, her cooking inspirations and her aspirations for the future. So, read on…

Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and your family?

I am Priya. I belong to a Gujarati family and am living with my foodie husband. You know, I grew up in a family where everyone has their own unique interest in cooking. My mother, aunt and my father all are very good cooks. I have a software background. Before starting this blog, I too had a dream of doing jobs in some big MNC. After my marriage, I was searching for IT jobs and doing my diploma. Frankly, I couldn’t imagine myself writing some code all the time. Right now, I run a food blog with the help of my husband.  

What inspired you to start Priya’s Curry Nation?

I was spending my time as a homemaker without any clue or motivation. Initially, I never thought of starting a food blog. I must mention the lady here who inspired me to start something on my own. She is Rati Tehri Singh from Makeup and Beauty Blog(IMBB). I am a regular visitor of her website for beauty product reviews. I read her story about following her passion, and I felt motivated. My food blog was born in the middle of 2016 and it was not easy. But I must say that this blog is my journey to finding myself.  

What is the best and worst dish you have ever cooked?

To start with the best, I think whole wheat malpua is one of the dishes which never fails me. Coming to the worst, I remember my experiment with matar ka nimona.

What are your cooking inspirations? 

My family and my little blog inspire me every day to cook. I do admire Uma from Master Chef Mom a lot too. She is my inspiration all the time to cook healthy Indian food.  

What are some of your achievements as a blogger that you are proud of?

Last year, my blog was mentioned as a “Top 20 vegetarian blog” by Bonusapp. I also got a mention as a “best food blog” by Brand Ballot. It was like a dream come true because I was sharing my space there along with Cookie & Kate who is one of my favourite food bloggers.  

What should a new reader expect from your blog?

Vegetarian recipes. But it is not limited to just Indian cuisine. Some food blog and photography related materials and our little personal stories.  

5 years down the road, where do you see yourself as a food blogger?

After 5 years, I want to see myself as an established food photographer. I also want to establish the venture on which I am currently working.   You can follow Priya’s Curry Nation through her blog as well as on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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