How To Arrange Plants In The Living Room

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Thinking of ways to decorate your indoors and fill up some of the empty spaces? – You could go down the well-trodden path of putting a wide range of decorative items like a bookshelf, coffee table, a stand for a lamp or a vase; there’s just so much to choose from. Et voila! You have a cosy home that emanates warmth all around. 

There’s another path you can go down to which is seldom taken and needs s bit more work, effort and a little sense of adventure – And that is keeping indoor plants inside the house. Granted, keeping potted plants inside the house is not uncommon. However, getting this craft right is a different matter entirely. Unless you have a green thumb or a knack for it, keeping plants at home can be challenging at times. But, not to worry, to those who are aspiring to become a little “plant-friendly” and become comfortable with plants as indoor decorations, we do have a few pointers listed out for you to get started with. 

Plant Size

how to arrange plants in the living room

Big or small, make sure your house has enough space to accommodate your plants. Irrespective of their size, both types of plants need a certain amount of space, light and air around them to grow properly.

 Try placing large potted plants beside the sofa, window or any available space. Monstera, areca palm, or fiddle leaf fig are a good choice to go with.

 In the case of small plants, place them in a group on top of a table of any type. Additionally, if you are propagating new plants, place them in a glass bowl or vase. Try using mini aloe, fern mini, or peperomia and see how these little nifty plants can lift the whole feel of the space.

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Use Different Heights And Build

how to arrange plants in the living room

Each plant has a different visual weight based on its build and structure. This tends to catch the eyes of the viewer. Make sure to mix a bunch of plants with varied structures in terms of height, build, and texture. This will create an added depth and character while viewing the plants in a group.

If you are unable to get clarity on this, visit any nursery nearby. To attract their customers, most of the gardeners keep plants of different build together to create a visual impact. Rarely ever you will find plants of the same kind together in a nursery especially they are on display. 

Use Coloured And Patterned Leaves

Fill the room with plants of different colours and patterns to add depth. Do not ever go with the same colour all over. Having plants with different patterns, colours and textures bring about a little drama and vibrancy to the space. Pick plants that have contrasting colours to each other. Also, it is a good idea to select plants that have multiple colours. 

Not able to visualise it? – Think of a rainbow or the image you see when you view through a kaleidoscope. That is the goal you need to achieve while decorating your interiors. 

Paint The Pots

how to arrange plants in the living room

Chances are most of us have never cared much for the humble clay pot where we place our plants. Here’s an opportunity for us all to change this usually drab routine and turn it into an affair of the ages. Get your pots in bright colours. If you can’t afford to get the ones from the store, just get a bunch of paint in different bright colours and start painting your pots, old and new. Also, getting the pots in different shapes and sizes can add a whole lot of dimension to your living spaces. 

Don’t use plastic pots unless they are of excellent build and quality. Additionally, suspending your plant from the ceiling could also add to the texture and feel of the room. Visit any flower shop or a nursery run by professional gardeners, without a doubt you will notice a wide array of pots in bright colours scattered all over the shop begging for the visitors’ rapt attention. That’s your cue!

Use The Furniture 

Use your shelves, coffee tables and whatever other furniture you can grab your hands on to place your plants. If you have a window with enough space to place to keep your potted plants, use it! The idea here is to bring diversity to the entire set-up by using different types of furniture and the space to your advantage instead of taking a formulaic approach to place the plants only in the “designated” spots. 

Surprise yourself and others, make your potted plant the centre of attraction and not merely a means to fill up the space. Using plant stands could bring a whole new level of “wow” factor to your home and your living spaces. They don’t only become a convenient means to keep your plants but also becomes a piece of art itself. 

Use Odd Numbers

how to arrange plants in the living room
how to arrange plants in the living room

While arranging the plants in a group, make sure to use odd numbers preferably. Using odd numbers give the living space a more casual and relaxed set-up. Using even numbers makes it more formal and could look more methodical and formulaic. The fun is in being the odd one out..!

Group Similar Plants

It is advisable to group plants that have similar needs in terms of care and maintenance. Place the plants which need frequent sunlight together near the window while the plants which can do without the sunlight can be placed in a spot that has more shade. This way, you can take care of each group of plants more effectively and with minimal effort. 

Mixing plants that have different requirements can lead to withering and death of some of the plants since you may not be able to keep track of all correctly.

Fragrant Plants Need To Be Inside

how to arrange plants in the living room

If you have plants that have a great fragrance, keep them indoors preferably unless it needs the sun more frequently. Why you ask? – well, because it smells great. 

These plants can act as natural room fresheners and keep your living space smelling great all the time. Why would anyone let that smell go to waste by keeping it outside the window? Of course, in case the plant needs sunlight more often, you will need to keep that in mind to ensure it doesn’t wither.

Keep It Close To The Chair

If you have a study/office/patio at home, keep a bunch of indoor plants of different colours, heights, and structures right beside your chair. You could also keep a small potted plant on the table if you like in addition to the bigger plants. This will give an added level of sophistication to your room and elevate the aesthetics of the room.

Use Terrariums And Bonsai

These two miniature objects are one of the most unique forms of indoor plants you can find. Keep them on a stand or a table based on your preference. Make sure you keep it in plain view of the visitors. These two nifty little things never fail to impress and win over their viewers. 

Despite their uniqueness, these two forms of plants are barely seen in any household. One of the reasons for that is because of the effort that is involved in maintaining it.

Now we have come to a close and shared a fair amount of tips and suggestions for our readers to follow if they are looking to create a “mini green eco-system” in their homes. While there are no hard and fast rules to this task, we most definitely have given some of the soundest suggestions for our readers to consider. However, we encourage you to take whatever method works best for you; after all, creativity is not bound by any law or mandate. Happy planting!

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