Havells Instacook RT Induction Cooktop Review

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Priced at around Rs. 2600 ( at the time of publishing), Havells Instacook RT is one of the popular induction cooktops in India. It has just 4 basic functions. Yet, it doesn’t compromise on safety. Let’s take a deep dive at its design, presets, performance and other aspects through this hands-on review.

Affordable pricing
Adequate safety features, including error code display for temperature and voltage alerts.
Straightforward user experience once familiar with the power settings.
Doesn’t have a timer or pause function.
Absence of specific functions like heat milk and keep warm.
havells instacook

Havells Instacook RT Induction Cooktop


havells instacook rt induction cooktop review

Havells Instacook RT stands out in terms of its aesthetics with its golden yellow and black combination. But, the plastic used in its construction is rather mediocre. Similar to other options in the market, it has a standard dimension of around 26.5cm width, 34cm depth and 6.5cm height.

The cooking zone measures around 16cm in diameter. According to the manufacturers, the cooktop is designed to accommodate cookware sizes ranging from 14.5cm to 20cm.

The control panel of the Havells Instacook RT features individual buttons for each preset function. Additionally, there are plus and minus buttons provided to adjust the settings within each function. However, it’s important to note that the range of adjustment is limited to values between 1 and 6. Unfortunately, this cooktop does not offer the flexibility to adjust temperature or wattage according to specific user preferences or requirements.

The cooktop consumes 1400 watts of power and uses a 16A power plug.

Preset Functions

havells instacook rt induction cooktop control panel

The Havells Instacook RT offers 4 preset functions: manual, boil, gravy/dal, and deep fry.

Each function runs for different durations. Manual function runs for 120 minutes; boil for 60 minutes; gravy for 45 minutes, and deep fry for 60 minutes. It is worth noting that in reality, most users do not require induction cooktops to run for such prolonged periods. It would indeed be better if the Havells Instacook RT had a user-settable timer feature. This would allow users to customize the cooking time according to their specific needs, rather than being limited to pre-determined durations.

Yet another aspect to note is that within these functions, you can adjust the heat settings on a scale from 1 to 6. However, it is important to note that regardless of the selected function, the results remain the same. This means that whether you set it to manual with a setting of 1 or choose deep fry with a setting of 1, the outcome will be identical.

Here is how settings 1 to 6 differs.

  • At 1, the wattage varies from 4 to 900 watts.
  • At 2, the wattage varies from 4 to 1100 watts.
  • At 3, the wattage varies from 1000-1100 watts and switches off for a second or two.
  • At 4, the induction cooktop runs at around 1050 watts continuously.
  • At 5, the induction cooktop runs at around 1150 watts continuously
  • At 6, the induction cooktop runs at around 1350 watts continuously.

It is worth noting that at both settings 1 and 2, the wattage tends to remain in the lower range for a longer duration before gradually increasing. This allows for more precise and gradual heating, which can be beneficial for certain cooking tasks that require gentle or slow heating. Setting 4 and 5 are ideal for sautéing and boiling water, while 6 is apt for rapid boiling, searing, or other high-heat cooking methods.

By default, gravy runs at 3, boil at 5 and deep fry at 6 setting. And if you use deep fry function at 6 setting for shallow frying, your food will get burnt in no time.


Powered with a 1400 watt heating coil, Havells Instacook RT is comparatively slower than options like AmazonBasics, Philips and Bajaj ICX Pearl. It takes around 6.35 minutes to boil 1 litre water to 100°C, while Amazon Basics and Bajaj takes around 5.2 minutes and Philips around 4.2 minutes.

boiling water for havells instacook rt induction cooktop review
Boiling water in Havells Instacook RT induction cooktop

Like many other options available in the market, the induction stove features a small induction coil with a diameter of approximately 6 inches. One potential drawback of this design is that it can lead to uneven browning of food. Due to the smaller size of the induction coil, the center of the cookware tends to receive more heat compared to the edges. Consequently, when frying, the food at the center of the pan may brown faster, while the food at the edges may remain undercooked. It’s important to be mindful of this uneven heat distribution and adjust cooking techniques accordingly to ensure even cooking throughout the dish.

flour test for havells instacook rt induction cooktop review
On heating flour, the centre is brown while edges remain white indicating uneven heat distribution.

Settings 1 and 2 on the induction stove are designed as auto functions with varying power levels. These settings are suitable for tasks such as keeping food warm or gently boiling milk without the risk of spillage. However, since the stove does not feature a built-in timer, it is important to remember to manually switch it off after approximately 10-15 minutes. Failure to do so may result in excessive boiling of milk, potentially causing it to boil down significantly. Setting 3, though an auto function, would be suitable only while cooking curries.

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Ease of Use

The cooktop offers a user-friendly experience due to its straightforward functions and features. Once you become familiar with the appropriate power settings ranging from 1 to 6, operating the cooktop becomes extremely easy.

However, it is worth noting that the functionality of the cooktop could have been further enhanced with the inclusion of a timer and a pause button. The addition of a timer would allow for precise cooking durations, while a pause button would provide convenience and flexibility in managing the cooking process.

Safety Features

First of all, the cooktop comes with a 16A plug. This may limit its compatibility with kitchens that do not have 16A plug points. But, a 16A plug point offers better safety as it can handle higher current flow, dissipate heat effectively, and provide a secure electrical connection for appliances with higher power consumption. Havells Instacook RT and AmazonBasics are the only options we tried that had a 16A plug.

Additionally, the cooktop incorporates safety features such as error code display when the internal or glass top temperature reaches unsafe levels. It also provides alerts for high or low voltage conditions, ensuring safe operation and protecting the appliance from potential damage.

Flaws That Could Have Been Better

Considering the various wattage settings available on the induction cooktop, it would have been advantageous for it to include features like a heat milk function and a keep warm function. The absence of a timer is also a drawback. However, apart from these limitations, the cooktop does not have any significant flaws, making it a reliable choice overall.

Comparison With Other Models

In terms of pricing, the Havells Instacook RT is slightly more expensive compared to options like AmazonBasics. Furthermore, AmazonBasics offers a wider range of features and functionalities, which are generally considered more user-friendly. In contrast to more affordable options like the Prestige PIC 20 and Pigeon Cruise, the Havells Instacook RT provides better safety features.

When comparing the Havells Instacook RT with other options within the Havells brand, the Instacook RT model is relatively more affordable. For example, the Havells Insta Cook ST-N is priced at around Rs. 3700. But, it is more feature rich, with 8 preset functions and a maximum power consumption of 2000 watts. Havells Induction Cooktop TC 20 sold at a similar price range has touch control panel and 9 preset functions. Comparatively, Havells Instacook RT is a more cost-effective and basic choice among other Havells induction cooktops.


To conclude, Havells Instacook RT is a basic induction cooktop for those who do not want to compromise on safety. While it may be slightly more expensive compared to options like AmazonBasics, it compensates with better safety features when compared to less expensive alternatives such as the Prestige PIC 20 and Pigeon Cruise. The appliance comes with a 1 year product warranty and a 3 year warranty on the coil. Thus, Havells Instacook RT remains a reliable choice within the Havells range, especially for those seeking enhanced safety and affordability.

havells instacook

Havells Instacook RT Induction Cooktop

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