What Are The Ceiling Fan Sizes Available In India?

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In our living room, there are two small fans instead of a large one at the centre. It was a thoughtful decision as now the entire room has ample airflow. During the summer, we needn’t crowd underneath a single fan to feel cool and comfortable.

The size of the ceiling fan plays an important role in ensuring ample air circulation throughout the room. Too small blades or a single large fan in a long room means insufficient airflow and thus utter discomfort in the summer. So, let us explore the commonly available ceiling fan sizes, the room sizes they are apt for and how the number of blades affects the airflow of the ceiling fan.

Commonly Available Ceiling Fan Sizes In India

sweep size that indicates ceiling fan sizes in india

Ceiling fan sizes are described using the term sweep size. Sweep size is simply the diameter of the circular area covered by the fan.

In India, you commonly get ceiling fans with sweep sizes of 24 inches ( 600mm), 35 inches ( 900mm), 47 inches ( 1200mm), and 55 inches ( 1400 mm). According to manufacturer specs, 600 mm fans have around 850 RPM ( rotations per minute), while others usually have around 300-330 RPM. Hence, 600 mm fans are likely to be more noisy.

Contrary to common expectations, sweep size doesn’t drastically affect the price of the ceiling fan. This is because the main component that affects the price of the fan is its motor and it remains the same irrespective of the sweep size.

For example, the Atomberg Renessa fan with 600mm sweep size costs around Rs. 3500, while the one with 1200 mm costs around Rs. 3700. Their 1400 mm model costs Rs. 3970.

Similarly, Usha Swift’s 600 mm and 1200 mm fans cost almost the same.

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Blade Sizes and Room Size

ceiling fan sizes in India: effect on room size

The next question that would naturally arise is which size to choose. Fortunately, manufacturers themselves give a guideline on the same. It is as follows-

Sweep SizeRoom Size
600mmless than 35 Sq.Ft
900 mm35-65 Sq. Ft
1200 mm65-100 Sq. Ft
1400 mm100-225 Sq. Ft*

*If the space of more than 200 Sq. ft is squarish, then a 1400 mm fan would be enough. However, if it is rectangular in shape, then it would be better to opt for 2 fans of 900mm.

Effect of Number of Blades

ceiling fan sizes in India : effect of blades

Nowadays, fans with 3 and 4 blades are available in the market. 600 mm fans always have 4 blades. But, 900, 1200 and 1400mm fans are available in both configurations.

Fans with 3 blades have lesser lag. They are lighter and hence move faster. So, they provide better airflow. However, they make more noise comparatively. Hence, they are better for living rooms and office spaces.

Fans with 4 blades don’t move as fast as the ones with 3 blades. They don’t generate as much airflow either. But, they are more silent. Hence, they are more apt for bedrooms.

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  1. Exhaustive information provided which is commendable. What size should i get for my lobby with a size of 20 x 50 feet

    • It would be difficult to provide a precise suggestion as it depends on various factors like ventilation, footfall, general climate condition and other aspects. A rough guideline would be 3-4 fans of 1200-1400mm size. But, it would be better to consult an electrician or an interior designer to get a customized recommendation.


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