How To Clean Kitchen Tiles?

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Oil splashes, Spilled curry, Flour from kneading, Masala splattered from the mixer grinder jar whose lid you did not hold on with all your might… These are some of the ‘adornments’ your kitchen backsplash tiles and countertop encounter on a daily basis. This also means it is one of the areas that you need to clean once if not multiple times a day.

So, what is the most effective method to clean the kitchen tiles and disinfect the area? Let us explore.

Dishwashing Soap

The easiest and the most hassle-free method to clean kitchen tiles is using a regular scrub and diluted dishwashing soap like Vim or Prill. The highly alkaline nature of dish soap cuts through the grease and any stains from turmeric and other masalas. The best thing is that you can use it on all types of kitchen tiles like granite, quartz, marble etc, without damaging the surface. If the countertop is not too dirty, you can alternatively clean the area with diluted vinegar and you are good to go. Vinegar too cuts through the grease and acts as a disinfectant.

After scrubbing, wipe the tiles and countertop with a moist cotton towel so that there are no residues on the surface.

Dishwashing soap works best if you are prompt and clean the countertop and backsplash on an everyday basis. But, if you have missed a spot and it has become oily and laden with dust and grime, you may need something stronger.

how to clean kitchen tiles

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Degreaser Spray

A degreaser spray is what you need for cleaning up tiles or backsplash that have been ignored for a long time. Often, it is the areas adjacent to the stove that are in dire need of a degreaser. It includes not just backsplashes, but also tiles and panels surrounding the kitchen chimney.

Clecide is an effective degreaser spray that we have tried and tested. However, it causes fumes and may irritate your skin. So, take ample precautions before use. Also, wipe the area clean thoroughly afterwards so that there are no residues.

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How To Clean Kitchen Tile Grout?

The grout is the filling between the tiles which is usually a mixture of white cement and sand. This again, if cleaned on a daily basis can be easily maintained with soap and an abrasive scrub. However, if you find it unusually dirty, consider cleaning it with a degreaser spray.

How To Clean Kitchen Floor Tiles?

The kitchen floor tiles are usually dirtier than the other areas in the house. To clean the area, first, get rid of all the debris using a broom. We don’t recommend using a regular vacuum cleaner because there will be water and other wet particles on the floor and it may ruin your vacuum cleaner’s filter.

To clean the kitchen floor, drizzle some lizol or Dettol on the floor and wipe it clean with a moist mop. Or if you want to go for the natural route, use vinegar and lime or any essential oil.

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