How To Clean Gas Stove?

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I am pretty sure that anyone who has a sanitary kitchen wipes down the top plate of a gas stove on a regular basis. But the burner and the pan support? Not so much. We often clean them once in a while or when a major spill occurs. So here, let us look at how to clean gas stoves with glass and stainless steel top, its pan support and burners.

How To Clean Top Plate of A Gas Stove?

cleaning gas stove top

Most of the gas stoves available nowadays have a glass top. These are made of toughened glass or ceramic glass and are highly heat resistant and hence, fairly easy to clean. All you have to do is dip a soft sponge in diluted dishwashing liquid and gently scourge the surface. Then, using a damp cloth, wipe the surface to get rid of the soap residues. Avoid using abrasive scrubs as they may damage the surface and cause micro-cracks. Major scratches could over a period of time cause the glass top to shatter.

Also, remember to remove the spill tray around the burner and clean the space underneath it. If you clean it regularly, dish soap will be enough to clean the burnt food residues in it. But, if you have been ignoring the space for a long time, you may have to soak the spill tray in soapy water for a while or use degreaser spray. 

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How To Clean Stove Burners?

The burners used in gas stoves are usually made of brass. They can be easily removed and cleaned using dish soap. The main aspect you need to keep in mind while cleaning the burners is ensuring that their holes are not clogged. If you find any food residue clogging those holes, use a pin to poke it through and clean it up. Else, the flame won’t burn efficiently. 

air holes of a burner should be unclogged.
Holes in the gas burner should not be clogged

If the burner has turned black from the soot, then dip it in vinegar overnight and scourge it with an abrasive scrub. But even if you take so much effort cleaning it, the burner will again turn black in no time. So, rather than bothering about the aesthetics, it would be a better idea to focus on the functionality by ensuring the holes of the burner are not clogged ever.

how to clean gas stove- burner cleaned in vinegar
Before and after cleaning gas burner with vinegar

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How To Clean Pan Support?

The pan support of gas stoves is made of cast iron. This means they are prone to rust. For the same reason, they are not dishwasher friendly. Never keep it immersed in the sink for cleaning. Ideally, wash it with dish soap and scrub and dry it off immediately.

Rust on cast iron pan support (grate)

If the pan support has rusted, then scrub off as much rust as possible using salt and abrasive scrub. Then, apply a thin layer of oil and use the burner as normal. Repeat the application of oil every day before you start cooking. Over a period of time, it would develop a layer of seasoning that prevents it from rusting. Do not expect immediate results as it will take around 2-3 weeks to develop a thick layer of seasoning on the cast iron grate. Once you see the rust has receded, avoid scourging it using abrasive scrub as it may wear off the seasoning. 

Other Tips To Maintain Gas Stove

  • It is important to check for leaks from the knob and valve once in a while. As very little gas leaks, you may not notice that typical smell of gas in such cases. To test for leaks, run a lit matchstick or a candle nearby the knob and valve. If the flame increases, it is because of leakage. In such a situation, contact your gas agency and get the stove repaired immediately. Do not try this test when you detect a gas leak. 
  • Avoid using abrasive scrubs for cleaning the glass top as it could lead to scratches which may over a period of time result in the glass top shattering. 
  • We all have a tendency to have a favourite burner. But this lopsided usage may cause more wear and tear to a single side, resulting in damages to the glass top over a period of time.
  • Avoid scrubbing the grates (pan support) on a daily basis as it could damage the cast iron. Instead, clean it every week or when a spillage occurs.
  • Keep an eye on the expiry date of the pipe that connects the gas cylinder to the stove. It has to be replaced every 5 years.

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