How To Organize Refrigerator In An Indian Kitchen?

FIFO ( First In First Out)

 Organize your fridge in such a way that you stack newer food in the rear end. This way, food that need to be consumed always stares at you when you open the fridge, urging you to consume them first.

Keep 30% of Fridge  Empty

Your fridge should have at least 30% of its total space empty to allow proper air circulation. Else, the compartments will be unevenly cold and as a result, food may get spoiled quickly. This also ensures you have sufficient space for keeping any unexpected leftovers.

Go Through The Contents Before Weekly Shopping

If you have ever bought a packet of peas only to find an unopened bag in the fridge, you are not alone! That is why you should always go through the contents inside your refrigerator and pantry before the weekly shopping.

Make Maximum of Vertical Space

Use stackable glass containers or vertical food trays so that the vertical spaces between the fridge shelves are efficiently utilized. 

Always Use Transparent Containers

Always store leftover food in transparent glass containers with airtight lid. This way you always see them and are reminded of using them. Airtight containers help preserve food for longer and glass containers do not retain odour, making them easier to clean.

Refrigerate Only What Is Necessary

Unless you are a nuclear family with a side-by-side refrigerator, refrigerate only what is necessary. Bread, potatoes, tomatoes and onions needn't be refrigerated as they lose flavour. This could also be the reason your fridge is overcrowded.

Use Baskets Whenever Possible

Baskets are helpful to segregate and store foods that are alike. You can use a small transparent cbaskets to keep cut pieces of ginger, chilly, onion etc, which otherwise would lie in the egg tray on the door balcony. This not only keeps it organized but also prevents odour mixing in the refrigerator.