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5 Easy Tips To Care For Your Kitchen Knife

Choose The Right Chopping Board

Avoid using chopping boards made of steel and glass as they can blunt your knife in no time. Instead stick to plastic, wooden or bamboo chopping boards which are kinder to your knives.

Right Storage

Opt for a knife block or magnetic strip to store your knives. If you have no other option than to keep them in the kitchen drawer, use a blade guard to protect the blade and prevent any accidents.


Avoid putting your knives in dishwasher as they can dull the blades easily. Instead, wash it in running water with a soft scrub and dishwashing liquid. Dry them immediately after washing and store way.

Use The Right Type of Knives

In your kitchen, aim for a lineup of 2-3 knives. The chef's knife or Santoku handles everyday chopping, slicing, and dicing, while the butcher's knife is perfect for meat and fish. The paring knife makes peeling tasks easy. This way, you can preserve the sharpness of all knives longer.

Maintain The Sharpness of Your Knives

Before a chopping session, hone your knife quickly. It aligns micro serrations on the blade, keeping it sharp. Use a wet whetstone, running the knife along its length at an angle. Alternatively, opt for manual or electric sharpeners if you prefer.