Cleaning hacks

6 Vacuum Cleaner Hacks That Work

Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Enhance your vacuuming experience by adding essential oil drops to the filter for a fragrant home and eliminating musty odors in the dust bag.

Clean Tough Spots By Plugging A Sauce Bottle Cap Onto the Hose

For precise cleaning, attach a sauce bottle cap to the vacuum hose for a secure fit and effective suction in corners and tough spots.

Clean Front Loader Drain Pump

Connect the wet/dry vacuum's suction hose to the drain pump for easy removal of wet debris without mess in the utility area.

Clear Clogged Sinks

Efficiently manage clogged sinks by initially using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to eliminate standing water, then connect the hose to clear clogging debris from the drainage pipe.

Find Small Lost Items

To retrieve lost small items like jewelry or coins, attach a sock to the vacuum cleaner's hose and gently maneuver it over the area where the item was dropped to catch it without sucking it up.

Stop Your Newborn Crying

The vacuum cleaner's noise is believed to resemble the sound babies hear in the womb, which can help soothe and calm them.