10 Ways To Use A Food Processor In An Indian Kitchen

Dough Kneading

Food processors come with a kneading blade made of fine-quality plastic. Using this, you can knead dough for chapati, bread, pizzas etc.

For Making A Variety Of Parathas

Using food processor, you can chop methi, paneer and other ingredients of your choice and mix it with wheat flour and water to make methi parathas, paneer parathas, etc.

Slicing Onions For Biriyani & Gravies

Using food processor, you can slice a variety of ingredients. But the most prominent among them is onions. All you need to do is peel the onion, slice it in half, and feed it into the chute. The food processor will slice it in no time and with no tears!

Chopping Herbs

Be it for garnishes, raithas, gravies or biriyani, a food processor can chop herbs like coriander, mint, curry leaves and parsley in no time.

Making Green Salad

The slicing disc makes it easier to slice tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and onions for green salads. You can also slice potatoes for wafers using the slicing disc.

Dicing For Side Dishes

Food processors like Preethi Cosmo Zodiac come with dicing blade using which you can dice potatoes and carrots for side dishes and pulaos.

Churning Butter From Cream

If you do not have a hand blender, you can use a food processor bowl if you want to churn large quantities of cream to make butter and in turn ghee.

Shredding Cheese

A food processor can easily shred cheese in large quantities for pizza, cheese balls, cheese sandwiches etc. Just remember to thaw it before shredding. Else, you may damage the blades.

Mincing Meat For Kebab and Cutlet

The chopping blade of food processor can be used for mincing chicken, paneer, fish and meat for making kebab and cutlets. A food processor can typically mince 300-500 gm of meat at a go.

Pureeing Tomatoes For Gravies

Food processors can finely chop tomatoes for gravies. You can also puree boiled tomatoes for making tomato sauce.