10 Diwali Cleaning Tips You Don't Want To Miss

Don't Just Clean, Declutter

Most homes need not deep cleaning, they need deep decluttering. Donate, recycle or throw away the stuff that you haven't used since the last Diwali and half your work will be done.

Invest In Right Cleaning Tools

Cleaning can be frustrating when you don't have the right supplies for it. Use a good glass cleaner, degreaser, soap, detergent, vinegar, microfibre cloths, duster and mop. If you don't already have a vacuum cleaner, it would be a good idea to buy one as it helps clean effectively and saves your time too.

Start From The Top

Always clean your room from top to bottom. Start with the ceiling by dusting the cobwebs and dust. Then, move on to clean your ceiling fan with a microfibre fan duster. Next, clean the top of your wardrobes, followed by the bed and other furniture. Clean your floor only in the end.

Go Room By Room So That You Are Not Overwhelmed

If you try to clean the whole place in a day or two, you will overwhelm yourself. Not to mention, it would be a shoddy job and you will be sore from all the strenuous work. So, divide your home into sections, preferably rooms and clean one by one.

Make A Checklist

Before you start, make a checklist of the areas to be covered, things to get rid of and what to give away. It feels great and motivates you when you tick off each item on the list.

Use Double-Side Window Cleaner

Saving your time and effort, a double-sided window cleaner is an easy way to clean both sides of the window. It may not be perfect. But, it is a huge time-saver

Marie-Kondo Your Wardrobe

Marie Kondo provides practical tips to fold and organize wardrobes. Her folding tips are especially useful for organizing T-shirts, baby clothes and other accessories. Organizing the wardrobe using these tips will help keep the space clutter-free for long.

Line All Shelves

While cleaning the kitchen cabinets, line all the shelves so that it would be easier to clean them the next time. Moreover, it prevents water damage and oil stains on compressed wood. However, avoid using newspaper for the lining kitchen cabinets as the newsprint could get permanently embossed on plywood due to constant exposure to water.

Clean The Shoe Racks

You may often have more shoes than you actually need and use. So, now would be a good time to clean the area thoroughly. Take out your shoes and dust the shoe racks and disinfect the area. If your shoes are dusty or moldy, clean them using a mild detergent.

Don't Miss Out Cleaning Under The Furniture and Appliances